Coffee Beans

Meet The Team


Clarece and Gerald Richardson

Managing Partners

We are excited to continue our work with the University of Dayton and to develop our new relationship with the Flyer Enterprises of Dayton by  managing Start-Up Grounds. We look forward to a creative and beneficial  collaboration that represents the greater Dayton Community.

Hanna Roberts

Lead Barista

Hello! My name is Hanna Roberts and I am the Lead Barista of  Start Up Grounds, a new coffee shop opening up here at The Hub in Dayton. My  passion for coffee and people more than anything has lead me here. Sharing the art  of making coffee with people and connecting with them through art and experiences  has brought great joy to my life over the past two years as a barista, and even before  then, just as a coffee connoisseur. What makes the coffee community so special, is  the diversity it brings. No matter which coffee shop you walk into, where you are, or  what time you are there, you are always bound to find a friend to connect with. I am  more than happy to say, here at Start Up Grounds, you will always find a friend with  us! We hope to connect with you soon.

Flyer Enterprises.jpg

Flyer Enterprises


Flyer Enterprises is one of the largest completely student-run corporations in the world. From sales associates to CEO, students have been driving over $1.2 million in annual revenue. Flyer Enterprises is excited to work alongside the Startup Grounds team to create this new venture in the heart of Downtown Dayton at The Hub!

The Hub


The Dayton Region’s Hub for new venture creation, social innovation, and entrepreneurship education. As the home and joint venture of The Entrepreneurs Center and University of Dayton's Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, The Hub offers coordinated and centralized resources for the region's entrepreneurs, innovators, builders, creators, inventors, students & teachers. Join the movement today!